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The Player Pathway, formerly the Single System, was launched in October 2016.

The Player Pathway provides an environment that helps junior players realise their potential and is made up of the following tiers:

Development Centres, Academy Centres, Performance Centres, Futures Cup, Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE), National Age Group Squads (NAGs) and U21 / Development Programme.

If you would like more information about the Player Pathway, please contact a member of the ECHA Coaching & Youth Committee

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0 EHUA & EWHL System Upgrades

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  • by Administrator
  • 02-01-2019

As you're probably aware, the Essex Women's Hockey League and Essex Hockey Umpiring Association systems received an update over the Christmas Period. 

All registered club contacts were emailed with how to use the new system, but it would appear a lot of the contacts are no longer administrators for the designated club. If you are a club administrator, but have not received an email about the new system, please get in touch with the Essex Hockey Webmaster who will be able to add you to the appropriate club.

More information about the update can be found below.

In the Club Administration Area:

Club Webmaster
Each club will have a "club webmaster".
Whatever happens, this person will always have access to all functions in the club administration area. This person will be able to set the access rights for all other club administrators (see below).
As part of the conversion process, we will set your initial club webmaster (typically the club secretary)

Full Access Rights System
Critically, for the first time, access to functions in the club administration area can be set by function and by team for each administrator. This means that the club administration area can be significantly simplified for administrators who only perform certain tasks and, for example, all of the functions for one gender of the club do not get in the way of the other gender seeing what they need to do.

Immediate Changes
Changes to club contacts and team contacts will no longer need to be approved by an administrator. They will take effect and be shown immediately, in accordance with the person's chosen privacy settings.

Adding a Link to an Individual
You will be able to add a link to a person as a club contact, team contact or potential administrator. The process will automatically trigger emails to go to that person to get them to register/confirm as a recorded person on the system.

Everyone will now have access to the personal area, and access to the club administration area will be via the personal area. In the Personal Area:

Better control of your contact information
There are now three options you can set for each item of contact information you provide (email address, home phone number, work phone number and mobile phone number.
For each item you can choose the level of privacy you want. The options are explained in the personal area.

Immediate Changes
Changes to your contact details will no longer be approved by an administrator. They will take effect immediately and shown in accordance with your privacy settings.

Personal Changes History

In your personal area, there will is a new report showing every item of information that has been changed in your records, showing the item, the change, who changed it and when it was changed.
Option to use a Club Email Address
If you have an email address that is provided by your club (e.g., you can opt to use that for all club related emails.

Mobile Support

Most importantly, and the biggest upgrade the system has had, the personal area (now incorporating the club administration area) will be fully mobile and small screen device friendly. The system will recognize the size of the device being used and display all information differently based on that size.
Going even further, the order that items appear will change depending on the device being used and the day of the week, giving all the information about a game today (if there is one) at the top of the screen.

The changes for mobile support cannot be implemented as part of these initial changes, but will be in the next release in about six weeks's time.

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